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asking for the feds to take over the police department. the move follows a series of scathing reports. nbc bay area's jody hernandez has details on this unprecedented development. >> reporter: civil rights attorneys say they do not take this move lightly. late today they filed this motion in federal court asking a judge to place the oakland police department under federal receivership. as you mentioned, t a moit is a that is unprecedented but necessary because of what they call the oakland police department's chronic failure to make reforms. >> the recent uptick in murders where this city tragically experienced five murders in just an 18-hour period cannot be allowed to continue and will not be tolerated. >> reporter: tough talk from oakland's police chief as crime spikes and the department comes under fire by a federal monitor
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yet again. in back-to-back reports, the monitor criticized the department's handling of officer-involved shootings and of occupy oakland demonstrations. putting the chief in defensive mode. >> we have the fourth most dangerous city in america. these are challenges that my officers face every single day. we're not making up any of this stuff, the fact -- reality of what we see here in this department or in this city each and every day. >> we're saying you shouldn't use force when it's not reasonable to do so. you shouldn't be stopping people on the damn street because they're black when they haven't done anything else. >> reporter: civil rights attorney john burris says time's up for making mandated changes. he says opd has had a decade to make reforms. he plans to file a motion today requesting at least a partial federal takeover of the police department. >> maybe someone need to come in and tell them what they must do. and that is the approach that we
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think a receiver would do. he would give orders. >> i'm still confident by the end of the year we can avoid it. >> reporter: the mayor and chief they they believe the department is moving the right direction and will work to keep opd under local control. >> we don't know what form it will take. obviously i think that the chief's made progress. i don't want his work to be undermined. >> reporter: a federal hearing on this matter is scheduled for december 13. we understand the judge is expected to make a decision on the issue of receivership in december. again, the chief and the mayor believe that the department is on the right course, and they believe they still have time to prove that. reporting live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> we will be watching closely. thank you. new at 6:00 tonight, the mother accused of ditching her daughter during a grocery store shoplifting attempt is back in the south bay tonight. 38-year-old marcy keyland was
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arrested two days after driving away from a market hills supermarket where her 10-year-old daughter waited with a cartload of groceries which weren't paid for. keyland was found in reno with her 11-month-old son and a man who wasn't arrested. police concerned it her mental state were on the lookout for her. she will be charged with felony commercial burglary and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. dozens of people in the south bay are demanding answers about their mail. someone has been breaking into their community mail boxes and walking away with letters, bills, and possibly their identity. in a story you'll see only on nbc bay area, damion trujillo spent the day with some frustrated residents. >> reporter: they're scattered throughout many neighborhoods of the south bay, community mailboxes. phillip, the mailman, has been dropping letters into them for years. rosa started noticing something strange a couple of months ago. >> i think somebody tried to get the mail from the box. and it's a headache because we
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have to go like maybe every two days to the post office and get our mail. every day. >> reporter: neighbors say they came to the front panel and didn't think there was a problem. but when they stepped to the back side of the mailboxes, they knew they were in trouble. we discovered three different community mailboxes that had been vandalized. that means at least 36 residents have to make that trip to the post office to get their mail. this man says he needs this resolved quickly. he hasn't received his pg&e bill and worries about late fees. we spoke with the property manager who says she doesn't know who's responsible to replace the mailboxes. the owners, the renters, or the post office. the post office did not return our calls today. now rosa says she worries about identity fraud. >> yes. of course i worry about it. >> reporter: in san jose, damian
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trujillo, nbc bay area news. the bay area's new catholic archbishop officially took office amid loud protests. the archbishop was installed to his post during a ceremony at san francisco st. mary's cathedral. 2,000 people attended the saver money, including high-ranking vatican officials. outside the cathedral, the archbishop's supporters were joined by gay rights protesters upset by his openly stance against gay marriage. >> sad that they're going to put him here in san francisco where so many gay families live. i've got a child myself. my family no different than any other family. the fact that i'm gay means nothing. yet, he has dedicated pretty much his life's work to fighting against that. >> most of the archdiocese of a half million people, about 65% of them are ethnic, working-class people. their big issue is not gay marriage. >> him of --
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>> he's alsotude tuddue to appe san diego courtroom tuesday after an arrest in august for drunk driving. an east bay product will lead the nation's largest university network. the cal state university system. 63-year-old timothy white is currently the chancellor at u.c. riverside. he'll take over as the csu chancellor in december. white was born in argentina but raised in the east bay. he graduated from two of the 23 schools he will now lead, cal state east bay and fresno state. he earned his doctorate at cal. white will make a reported base salary of $421,000. it is an improbable end to an improbable season. the oakland as are at the top of their division, and it is the talk of the bay area even inside the tech industry. want to bring in our business and tech reporter and proud oakland native, just thought i'd throw that if for you, scott. not just about baseball, this is really just about so much about the bay area and how people feel about the as. >> very true. the as have played exciting baseball for decades. when they're in the national
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spotlight, it's often because of the business world. thanks to a famous author and berkeley resident who spoke today about the as and "money ball." >> the oakland as have shocked the rangers -- >> reporter: if you were surprised by the as' incredible season, you weren't alone. >> this team is so interesting because i didn't think this was possible. >> reporter: even michael lewis, who literally wroted bo e ethe how oakland turned a small payroll into a big success is surprised. as part of oracle's open world convention, lewis, a wall street trader before becoming an author, talked about the moneyball-era as like a good business gets the most out of their players. >> extremely aggressive. uniquely aggressive about putting players, the players they do have, not interest permanent jobs but into -- not into permanent jobs but into the role on the field, the situations in which they're most likely to succeed.
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>> reporter: he also talked about how like in silicon valley, hiring managers are more important than ever in baseball. some of the tech industry even call it the moneyball effect. >> the industry has basically acknowledged that the big job is personnel selection. it's putting the right players in uniform. and the micromanagement with tony larussa is famous for doing is trivial compared to that. [ cheers ] >> reporter: it may be a stretch, relating software to hardball, but it worked for lewis. and, he says, the strategies are working for these guys, too. as you may have already heard or read, the as checked in with a payroll of less than $60 million this year. chicken feed compared to most teams. the big money could have been made betting on the team to win the division. vegas had it at 100-1 odds midway through the season. raj? >> will michael lewis and brad pitt get a world series ring if
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the as win? >> probably not. the brad pitt look-alike, billy bean, will. >> thanks. the national hockey league has big news. if you want to see sharks hockey, you're out of luck. another blow to the fans, players, and local businesses as the nhl canceled the first two weeks of the regular season. this is a live picture of the shark tank in san jose. no ice inside. it's only set up for concerts and special events that will be taking place in the near future. the season was to begin this week. instead, the league has locked out the players because -- you guessed it -- a revenue-sharing dispute. the sides negotiated in recent days but were unable to make progress. the last time this happened wasn't that long ago. the entire 2004 and 2005 season was canceled. by the way, the sharks were supposed to play three home games in these next two weeks. still to come at 6:00, a chilling conversation. >> his exact words were -- was that did they not know how many
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guns i have and that i can really hurt them. >> a year ago, he terrorized a south bay community killing seven people at his job site. now for the first time, we're hearing from a friend of the shooter about the moments that led up to that barrage. and some great news for a local family. they thought he was gone forever, but they were reunited with their puppy who was stolen by burglars. >> reporter: good evening, i'm jeff ranieri live on the san francisco bay. se several events happening, fleets week underway with practice, flyovers today. america's cup world series races finish willing u-- finishing up. and a chance of showers coming in the all-important weekend forecast coming up.
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a retired marine? jail for kill -- marine is in jail for killing his neighbors allegedly.
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police arrived at this glen cove neighborhood in villejo shortly after 6:00 last night where they found two men shot to death in the driveway. the suspect, the victim's neighbor, and friend. 65-year-old martin honiger surrender after hiding in his home for nearly an hour. the police have not said what triggered the shooting. neighbors said the three would always hang out in the driveway and would sometimes argue about politics from time to time. >> martin walked across the street, came back waving a gun. and mike said, you know, martin, you're not going to shoot me. you'll go to jail. martin shot them. >> really speechless that someone could just be sitting in their driveway and enjoying the hot day and -- all of a sudden they're just killed. >> police say honiger served in the marine corps from 1966 to 1968 and was known to own several guns. fighting fraud. alameda county is getting a multimillion dollar boost to fight back against insurance fraud. district attorney nancy o'malley and insurance commissioner dave
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jones announced more than $3 million in grants to the alameda county d.a.'s office to fight workers comp, disability and health, and auto insurance fraud. last month, governor brown approved the bill to increase funding to local d.a.s to investigate and prosecute disability and health insurance fraud throughout the state. tomorrow the city of cupertino will honor steve jobs on the first anniversary of his passing. the mayor has ordered the city's flag to fly at half staff over the cupertino civic center. jobs grew up in los altos and went to school in cupertino. that's when he and his partner started the famous company. they established its headquarters in cupertino. jobs made his last public presentation at the civic center in june of last year, four months before his death of pancreatic cancer. an unusual warning is about to go out to boat owners now. as we head into a busy bay area weekend, oceanic authorities are issuing an alert that endangered humpback whales are active in the bay this week.
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they want commercial as well as recreational boat owners to use caution in bay waters and watch for whales. that warning is the backdrop for today's first full day of racing at the america's cup world series in san francisco. the competition is taking place right where fleet week is throughout this weekend. that's where lauren scott files this report. -- lawrence scott files this report. >> reporter: with the world series round two in full swing, we saw the day one qualifiers on course for the quarterfinals. in race one, the crew we joined, team korea, taking on the swedish team. the lone american skipper in the field, terry hutchison, outmaneuvers team korea's race, coming a day after an impressive start. next up, team new zealand fending off the french team whose skipper owns the time record for sailing around the world, but on the bay the kiwis
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prevail and grab a spot in the semifinals on saturday. both oracle team usa crews sail in their match-racing openers on friday as this competition is starting to heat up. the winning skipper spoke with us about racing on the bay here during an eventful week. >> it reinforces all the things that you sort of know that, you know, you need to know about getting the boat to maneuver well, it can be raced hard and be reliable. and they're going to be very keen this year. >> the general public's going to see a different aspect with the racing and more high speed. and a little bit more action packed. so, you know, that's the crowd that we're trying to attract and trying to generate attention to. and really demonstrate that the guys that are racing the boats are solid professional athletes. >> that is one tough sport. meteorologist jeff ranieri is just a few miles away for from where all of the action is going to be taking place. he joins us live from the little marina green. how does it look out there?
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>> reporter: it is blustery, cool. bring your jacket if you're headed anywhere this way this weekend. we're just seeing the second race finish up tonight. and there's just been a crescendo of activity. all the fighter jets from fleet week flying up above at about 400 miles per hour. let's bring in chris bedford with oracle, team usa. great to see you again. you're the meteorologist for the team. what do you think about the action for tonight so far? >> well, it's been great. we've had good breeze. the racing's been very close, although oracle team usa just won the second race there. >> reporter: great. >> yeah. we're pretty pleased about that. it's been solid pressure, solid breeze blowing through the bay. a great place to have the sailing here. it's like a natural amphitheater. excellent viewing for anyone who wants to see the action. >> reporter: i know the photographer, if he's able to pan off -- we tdon't see too muh of the boats. conditions look rough. is that going to be an advantage
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or disadvantage for you for friday, saturday, and sunday? >> in terms of the roughness, we'd like to have as flat water as we can. that's when the boats go the fastest, flat water, little waves. they're also looking at the currents. the currents are quite strong in the bay. they'll be looking to get an advantage by being in the right kind of current. the current varies significantly across the race course. >> reporter: it's a good thing that we had the hot weather leave us earlier. now we're starting to get into the cooler pattern. quickly, for people coming out, it may look like a lot of boats on the water, but there's a logical sense to where the boats are going and how they're turning. >> yeah, there's a pretty simple race track. there's a couple of marks that they have to go around, and it's basically set up like a loop. so they have to go downwind, with the wind basically and then turn around and come back and go upwind. they do it twice. and then they finish right in front of the marina green. it's a great venue. >> reporter: congratulations on winning that second race from oracle team usa. chris bedford, the
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meteorologist. let's get you to the weather maps. the weather forecast, all important. i know a lot of the sailors will probably watch the forecast going, please, heat wave, leave. it was doing nothing to create wind across the bay. right now, chilly, 50s and 60s across the weather board. and what we'll find here as we head throughout the weekend is autumn air continuing to arrive with plenty of jacket weather in the forecast. if you're headed here for any of the large events, take that jacket again. here we go. fleet week, america's cup, san francisco giants, strictly hardly bluegrass festival. also 49ers, temperatures starting off in the 50s with the fog. by the noon hour, clouds will linger. low to mid 60s, at least over the next three days. we'll look at numbers topping out for the most part in the mid to upper 60s. on your seven-day forecast, we have that cooler weather inland, as well. 70s expected as we head throughout saturday and sunday. a far cry from that 107 in gilroy that we had earlier. monday and tuesday, a chance of
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showers. look at this ever-changing weather pattern. the marine layer and fog rolling into the golden gate gap. there's the iconic bridge looking more gorgeous than ever. all right. as we saw that shot looking gorgeous, raj, look what i found, and jessica. my old nlds press badge. you think it will get me in this weekend? >> that's from 2010. try it. give it a shot. >> i'd try it. >> reporter: we'll see. all right. >> jeff ranieri, always looking for the free pass to the giants. thanks, jeff. >> reporter: sure. we got everything covered. everything you need to know to get around this weekend on jeff mentioned and you probably know about all the things happening, including how to get around, maps, and a breakdown of the events. search "bay's big weekend" on our web site. a joyous, tearful reunion in tonight. a 10-year-old girl was reunited with her puppy stolen two days ago right from her home.
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>> i want to say thank you to everybody who made this happen. >> aww. she's so happy. took a village to get miko back to his family. from the city councilman who alerted the media to the relief and firefighters who posted pictures. he was taken during a home burglarry monday. miko was found some 60 miles away in a parking lot by a shopper who recognized him from the tv report. >> when a community stands together and good people do this, great things can happen. absolutely. you made this an amazing ending. i couldn't ask for anything better. >> the little girl had a big hug and thank you for the nice lady who returned the dog and who will presumably collect the $6,000 reward. miko looks very happy to be home. >> the little girl is so cute, as well. coming up, down but not out. mark zuckerberg responds to a
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major milestone for facebook. and the music may sound the same, but something will be missing. the tribute planned for the investment banker who used his wealth to bring san francisco a free music festival. have you heard of the new dialing procedure for the 408 and 669 area codes?
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no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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now serving one billion and counting. facebook founder, mark zuckerberg, posted that number on his page this morning. one billion users. that means 1/7 of the world's entire population uses the menlo park-based company. zuckerberg sat down with matt lauer of the "today" show to talk about this major accomplishment. >> there's no way that when we were getting startsed that we would have thought that myself -- started that we would have thought this was possible. >> one billion users. he reiterated facebook's future will be in the mobile world. more than a million people expected to show up in san
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francisco this weekend for a slew of events, as we've been telling you. hundreds of thousands, though, will be heading to golden gate park for the hardly, strictly bluegrass festival. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows what makes the festival bittersweet. >> reporter: in golden gate park, the place now known as hellman hollow, the stages for this weekend's hardly, strictly bluegrass festival rise from the meadows. on friday, dozens of bands, hundreds of thousands of people will fill these land. but one absence will be sorely noticed. >> it's very bittersweet. mostly bitter doing it without warren. we miss him. he miss him terribly. >> reporter: this will be the first festival without his founder, benefactor, and occasional banjo player warren hellman who died of leukemia earlier this year. ♪ >> reporter: the entirely free festival which drew 800,000 music lovers last year was hellman's dream. something the wealthy financier called the world's most selfish
6:26 pm
gift. >> warren just loved this. he loved the people that worked here. he loved the people that attended, and he loved the musicians. he was like a kid in a candy store. >> reporter: hellman didn't fit the typical businessman lifestyle. he wore khakis and denim, often in the company of a banjo. ♪ >> played the banjo from morning until night. he would pick it up at any time. there was always one next to him. >> reporter: hellman's sister says banjo of the gateway drug that inspired him to start the festival, now in its 12th year. >> he didn't have any other ulterior motives. he wasn't trying to run for office. he wasn't trying to earn money. he just of doing it as a gift to himself and to everybody else. >> reporter: this week, festival organizers open an exhibit behind slim's nightclub ordering hellman. among the artifacts, photographs of the musician and banjos he treasured. ♪ >> reporter: he left funds to
6:27 pm
help keep the festival going for several years. >> i think that's a great thing he gave us. a tribute to his spirit. >> reporter: this weekend hundreds of thousands will celebrate that spirit as the world's most selfish gift breaks into song once again. joe rosato jr., nbc, bay area news. >> amazing. had a great opportunity this weekend for everyone there. still ahead at 6:00, stretching the truth or just campaign talk? a day after the presidential debate, we're doing a reality check on the promises that were made. also -- >> reporter: nearly one year after a deadly shooting spree at this cement plant in cupertino, we talked to the friend of the gunman who was with him hours before the killing. plus, there they if. icons in the sky. the blue angels will be soaring overhead this weekend. but there's one site that will be a first of its kind. [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising... there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it.
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but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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it was terrifying. three people dead, seven injured, and a gunman on the run. it was october 5, 2011, whenthe er serenity of a quiet neighborhood was shattered by gunfire and silence. a man opened fire on his co-workers and supervisors during a morning meeting at a cement quarry. today the man who says he was the shooter's friend offers his own insight into what happened and what spurred that shooting. marianne favaro with the story you'll see only on nbc bay area news. the motive has always been a mystery. >> reporter: and it is still a mystery. but his friend did offer some insight today. some workers here say they are dreading tomorrow. a painful reminder of the friends that they lost one year ago. but today, we talked to a friend who was with the shooter hours before the spree, and he told us about the shocki ining commentst
6:31 pm
he made. tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of a shooting spree at the lehigh cement plant. sharif allman, an equipment operator, opened fire on his co-workers at an early safety meeting. a terrifying day cary schaefer will never forget. >> looked people in the eye and -- it was like a one-by-one thing. and he was -- it looked to me like he was directing to certain people. >> reporter: three people were killed and seven injured. why did all--- did allman go on the rampage? >> they were treating him indifferently, writing him up for something that he thought was not worth a write up. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview, ricardo told us what else allman told him that night. >> his exact words were did they not know how many guns i have,
6:32 pm
and that i can really hurt them was what he said. and at that point, i discouraged him from the thought. >> reporter: ricardo said he never thought allman would act on his anger. after a manhunt, he was shot by police in a nearby neighborhood. an autopsy showed he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. a spokesperson for the cement company said, "it has been nearly a year since the tragedy of october, 2011, and our employees and families continue to mourn our shared loss." a loss ricardo feels, as well, one of his good friends died in the plant shooting. >> i thought he wasn't really going through it. and maybe i should have done more. >> reporter: tomorrow here at the plant, there will be a moment of silence at the beginning of each shift to remember those who were killed during that shooting. in cupertino, marianne favro,
6:33 pm
nbc bay area news. a dangerous night in san jose. police say two people were killed in two different shootings. it makes the -- excuse me, mark the 35th and 36th homicide of the year. one shooting just after midnight outside of an east san jose home happened during a birthday party. police say men with blue rags over their faces came by and shot one of the party-goers. this morning, friends set up a memorial for the victim who was married and had one child. investigators are calling this gang violence. the victim's friends say he was not in a gang. police believe gangsters are committing more crimes because they know the city is out to eliminate its gang task force because of cutbacks. another man was murdered in downtown san jose last night around 8:30. police responded to a fight on valley.eet near san fernando the man they found was unconscious. he couldn't be revived and died at the scene. no arrests were made in either crime. decision 2012 now. the clear winner in last night's presidential debate, twitter,
6:34 pm
which set a record sparked largely by a single remark by mitt romney that he would cut funding to public broadcasting and big bird. president obama largely criticized for a lack luster performance last night jumped on the "sesame street" reference saying thank goodness somebody is finally getting tough on big bird. he joked that the real mitt romney didn't show up for the faceoff. >> the real mitt romney said we don't need any more teachers in our classrooms. [ booing ] >> but don't -- don't boo, vote. the fellow on stage last night, he loves teachers. >> and trickle-down government that the president proposes is one where he will raise taxes on small business, which will kill jobs. i instead want to keep taxes down on small business so we can create jobs. >> gop rival romney said his campaign has been rejuvenated following his strong performance last night. >> we're not even 24 hours removed from the debate, and the country's still buzzing about some of the things that happened
6:35 pm
in the debate. >> the first chance to see the candidates square off drew nearly 70 million viewers. many of whom might be asking themselves how much of what i heard last night is actually true. here to break it down for us is sam brock in tenant'sonight's " check." >> reporter: the debate had facts and some were misleading or blatantly false. all eyes on denver, colorado, as governor and president obama faced off in their first presidential debate. our partners at fact check say there were many repeated claims which stretched the truth. let's start with president obama's take on romney's tax plan. >> this is where there's a difference because governor romney's central economic plan calls for a $5 trillion tax cut. >> when president obama says that governor romney is going to
6:36 pm
provide a $5 trillion tax cut, he's only telling half the story. governor romney proposes a 20% across-the-board income tax cut, and to abolish the estate taxes. >> reporter: governor romney still hasn't described in detail how he's going to accomplish his revenue-neutral plans without raising taxes on the middle class, without increasing the deficit. now to president obama's claim that he'd only raise taxes on upper income people to where they were under president clinton. >> i have said that for incomes over $250,000 a year, that we should go back to the rates that we had when bill clinton was president, when we created 23 million new jobs. >> what president obama is leaving out there is that there are new taxes in the health care law, specifically that would target high-income earners. in fact, they would be paying a higher rate than they did under president clinton. >> reporter: finally, governor romney on the deficit under the obama administration -- >> the president said he'd cut the deficit in half. unfortunately, he doubled it.
6:37 pm
trillion-dollar deficits for the last four years. >> when romney accuses the president of doubling a deficit, he's stretching the truth a bit. obama inherited a $1.2 trillion deficit when he came into office. you in the president increased that to $1.4 trillion deficit, but the deficits have stayed just under that. they've stayed very high, but they've been just under that for the next couple of years. he hasn't doubled it. >> reporter: these were just a few of the misleading claims flagged by fact check. and they may have found sounded familiar. >> as facts checkers, we've heard these claims over and over again. there wasn't a whole lot new in last night's debate. >> reporter: don't be surprised when you hear similar claims in the remaining debates. one topic that will surely come up again, the alleged $5 trillion tax cut in governor romney's plan. it's important to note there is no $5 trillion estimate. a nonpartisan tax policy center only forecast cuts for one year under romney's plan, $4 5
6:38 pm
billion in 2015 -- $415 billion in 2015. not factoring in tax deductions or loopholes. sam brock, nbc bay area. back to you. >> thank you very much, sam. still ahead at 6:00, we're on the road to record-breaking gas prices. it is painful. what's behind those skyrocketing numbers? >> reporter: good evening, i'm jeff ranieri live in san francisco. how would you like to see a fighter jet, a battleship, and an america's cup world series boat on the bay? you're in luck. this weekend's going to be major. the full forecast coming up.
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in "health matters," growing concern over a meningitis outbreak that has already killed
6:41 pm
five people and sickened 35 others. health officials fear that hundreds, possibly thousands could be at risk. all those infected received steroid injections, mostly for back pain. the steroid was manufactured by a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts and shipped to 23 states including california. health experts say it's a fungle form of meningitis and not contagious. most of the cases are in tennessee which received the largest shipment of steroid which has been recalled. panic at the pump. the average price of a gallon of gas in the state jumped eight cents just overnight to $4.32. some gas stations in southern california have actually stopped buying gasoline on the wholesale market to fill their underground reserves because of the rising price. as a result, some are running out of fuel. those that are not are charging nearly $5.80 a gallon. can you stomach that? here in the bay area, gas prices skyrocketed nearly ten cents overnight. a gallon of regular in san francisco is now $4.43, up from
6:42 pm
$4.33 just yesterday. in oakland and san jose, it will cost you about $4.37 a gallon to fill up. experts are blaming a chevron fire and power outage that affected exxon mobil's refinery in southern california for the fuel spike. the big question in the bay area now is can you get me tickets to the playoff games? >> can you get me tickets? >> i'm going to ask jim can he get us tickets. >> got them right here. all right. coming up, a busy bay area sports day. all kind of football, baseball, racing, you name it, probably happening in the bay area this weekend. one thing's for sure -- everyone has baseball fever including all giants fans. so who's taking them out for what game in the post season? we'll have more from at&t park next.
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6:44 pm
tonight just the appetizers. tomorrow all the action. the roar of the blue angels -- >> the crowds are loving it all. even fog can't dampen the mood. nbc bay area has more live from the area green are w highlights. >> reporter: the crowds have
6:45 pm
cleared here from mar rena green, but they were here all day -- mar ma rena green, but they were here all day. the blue angels flying overhead. it was overcast for some of the time. you couldn't see them a lot of time, but you could hear them the whole time. we spoke with the blue angels' boss about the name for the guy at the lead of the formation. he says he was inspired to become a pilot in high school when he watched a certain movie, "top gun," of course. he says after 22 years of being a pilot, the most beautiful place it fly in the country is the bay area. >> i want to roll out just over the bay bridge. >> reporter: an art of mere inches. >> a three-degree descent, i want to have 365 knots, air speed. >> reporter: a heart-stopping show. >> exactly 1.7 miles from center point i'm going to do a program pull to 1.6 gs until i get ten degrees -- >> reporter: he's the leader in the blue angels' formation. today he and five pilot took to
6:46 pm
the skies for a trial run. >> we're nervous before each show because we want to do well. >> reporter: there's a new kid in town. >> these are definitely venerable aircraft. >> reporter: yours are cooler? >> of course. >> reporter: the first apeerps f appearance for the f-22 raptor in san francisco period. >> from 60 miles per hour to 600. flop it over itself, do what looks to be a flat spin, i'll fly it backwards. >> reporter: from overhead to the action in the water, the america's cup has attracted thousands more to the city by the bay. >> these are fly boys. you know, they make america happy. >> it's her first time seeing the blue angels live. so i think she's enjoying it. she was dancing before all around. >> it's fantastic. i mean, what could -- what better city to have all this going on in? >> the guys in the sky couldn't agree more. they've got the best view. >> it's probably the most beautiful city we fly in. i'll tell you that now. it's one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: yes, it is. there's a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes on to put on these shows. we spoke with an engineer who works on the maintenance of the jets. he says they work for hours to make sure nothing goes wrong. any little thing that's office could spell disaster. they work for hours to make sure it's entertaining and a safe show. the shows take on extra meaning this year as they celebrates 100 years of marine corps aviation. live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a bay area tradition. >> so much fun. >> let's turn our aengz ttentio jeff ranieri. we heard the f-22s are in town. can you top this with anything you got? >> reporter: i don't think so. you know, we did get the cooler breeze, the marine layer back into the san francisco bay. so that's going to be, you know, pretty top, so to speak, when it comes to the sailing for the america's cup fleet races that will be continuing the next couple of days. it has been wild out here. stephanie mentioned the blue angels were overhead today just
6:48 pm
roaring across. at the same time we had the america's cup boats racing behind us. at the moment the races have finished. we are joined by the meteorologist for oracle team usa. we hear you guys did incredible in that second race tonight. right? >> yeah, we managed to pull out a victory. a pretty good win for us. >> reporter: yeah. the winds seemed about right. the weather's kind of turned the way you've wanted even though's not hot for a lot of the spectators. we're not seeing a lot behind us. as our photographer pans back, you're always watching the conditions. what are you seeing now and hoping for this weekend when it comes to the weather? >> after that heat wave we had earlier this week, we're enjoying this marine air that's come back in here. that comes in with good pressure, good breeze. and a lot of force to it, force behind it. these boats, new boats that they created just for this series really like a breeze. and they get up and go when the wind is strong. >> reporter: yeah, the other amazing thing, if you haven't been out here, these boats are going to be close. i've said this before, almost
6:49 pm
like you can reach out and touch those. that combined with the fleet week and the fighter jets up above, this has got to be something you have talked about on the teams, too, like it's going to be phenomenal. >> yeah, it's going to be great. what's most exciting, it's going to be a great crowd. people can see what the america's cup is all about. and get excited for next year which is the main event. >> reporter: yeah, you guys have a few races going on this weekend, then you'll stop down for a bit. you guys will get going again. it's almost like an orchestrated dance between the two. thank you very much. we appreciate you coming out from oracle team usa. chris bedford, meteorologist. back to the weather boards, chilly tonight. blustery. we have wind anywhere from tone 20 miles per hour, and -- 10 to 20 miles per hour, and temperatures in the 50s and 60s across the bay. there's the upper level of low pressure developing offshore. what we're going to find is foggy breeze continuing to build for saturday and also sunday. that will produce some 60s and also some 70s there as you head
6:50 pm
from the coast across the bay. and it's not going to get too warm for the weekend. going stay on the cooler side unfortunately. no big beach weather. that will be good for the america's cup. 70 in oakland. 71 in fremont. 74 in san jose. the america's cup world series forecast, we'll have temperatures in the low to mid 60s as we head throughout friday. again, we're going to have more of these regattas happening throughout friday and saturday with full coverage on nbc on sunday. did you know the race course will change each and every day depending on the weather and the wind speed and the strength of that wind. so weather is on the forefront there was all the sailors. and when it comes to the forecast and the crescendo of all of these events happening this weekend, you'll need the jacket if you're headed anywhere near san francisco on the seven-day forecast. we have temperatures in the 70s all the way through monday and tuesday. a chance of showers by next monday and tuesday, holding in the forecast. and real quickly, raj and jess,
6:51 pm
as we mentioned earlier, we'll have america's cup racing behind me, fleet week up ahead. if that's not good enough, hike to candlestick for 49ers action or make your best pitch on why you should head to at&t park for game one and two of the division series. if that isn't hardly good enough, there's always the strictly hardly bluegrass festival. >> let me write this down -- >> by the time you write it down, you've done it. >> reporter: look what i found -- another pass for you, jessica. i know raj is going to get in. maybe we can use this, too. >> for the giants? >> good. >> reporter: from last year. >> perfect. wait for me right where you are. i'll be right there. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. over to jim and sports. jim, do you think that pass that jeff is trying to give me is even going to get me in anywhere? >> i think so. i think one you're there you'll get a lot more passes coming your way. >> ooh. good night. >> i know. thank you very much. i've got one to finish, so stick
6:52 pm
around. here we go. what a month october is becoming here in the bay area. america's cup is in full force. 49ers and raider football back. as make that miraculous run in the post season. giants run away with the nl west as they return to the post season. gang, i don't know where to go. why don't we do this -- we'll start with the orange and black who are preparing for their nlds match-up with dusty baker and the reds that starts saturday evening. the giants will rely heavily on the pitchers during the post season. the big question was who would pitch what games for the orange and black. today andie gutierrez got her. >> reporter: anxiously awaiting the playoff rotation got another piece of the puzzle thursday as the giants nlds game two starter was revealed. >> baumgardner, they have game one, game teamwork we'll announce the rest of the
6:53 pm
rotation later. obviously we want to talk to the guys. but -- and really that's where we're at right now. so we're set for game one and game two. >> every one of our pitchers have done a good job and earned a spot. obviously, you know, every day we go out, our pitching is -- you know, big reason why we won the n. l. west. to be pitching in, i'm sure we're all excited for him. and i'm sure he's happy. >> i can't make mistakes. even if you make your pitch, there's a chance that they're going to put the barrel on it, too. you got to keep making pitches to keep them off-balance. got to be on the game. >> reporter: while the reds technical have home field advantage with three games of the team played back in cincinnati, the giants get a huge leg up being able to start at at&t park. this venue has been sold out since post season 2010, and as greg told me, the weather in san francisco is always an x factor
6:54 pm
for opponents, constantly challenging them. the giants is been able to figure out mother nature. from at&t park, i'm amy gutierrez for nbc bay area news. >> all right. from the g the as. a.l. west champions. hard to believe, but it aep's t. for now the celebrating stop as the as get ready for the post season. green and gold flew to the motor city as they prepare for game one of the alds on saturday. another note before we go, nhl cancels games due to the lockout. but don't let it rain on our parade. great time in the bay area, the giants, as, 49ers, america's cup, that's great sports, guys. comcast sports and nbc bay area will have it covered. frankly, it gets trumped for me by my bieber fever on saturday -- >> yes! >> and the material girl on sunday. that's my doubleheader, raj.
6:55 pm
>> i'm going to see the material girl saturday. see you there. >> take care. >> what a great weekend. have fun. have fun. for a full half however of local sports coverage and justin bieber coverage, stay tuned at 10:30. >> baby, baby. we'll be right back.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
that is going to do it for us. coming up, you can switch to comco comcast 186 for janelle wang. >> see you at 11:00, as well. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪
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